Modern Townhouses for sale in Monument Krugersdorp: The Paardekraal Monument is situated in Krugersdorp, South Africa. The monument commemorates the original site of vow made by Transvaal Boers on 13 December 1880, prior to the armed rebellion known as First Boer War, when they vowed to regain their independence from the British Empire. This earlier monument was a cairn made of thousands of stones representing the gathered burgers’ vow. This official monument enclosed the original stone cairn and was built in 1890 by the South African Republic (ZAR) to commemorate their independence from Great Britain.

List of Town

Zion Estate houses in secured Complexes in Monument Krugersdorp

  • Ekron Townhouse Complex Monument Krugersdorp
  • Monument Park complex Monument Krugersdorp
  • Zion Estate in Monument Krugersdorp

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