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Top Real 10 Real Estate Agents Who sell Houses Quicker in Johannesburg

Top Real 10 Real Estate Agents Who sell Houses Quicker in Johannesburg:

1. RE/MAX, Superior Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX of Southern Africa, which was founded in 1994, is regarded as the pioneer of the RE/MAX international expansion as it was the first country franchise to be sold outside of North America. RE/MAX of Southern Africa was recognised as the top RE/MAX region in the world for 2012 at the group’s Las Vegas convention in March 2013. RE/MAX has over 2 450 agents operating from over 175 offices in 10 countries in Southern Africa. In order to position the company for continued growth in all markets in the next 20 years, Z Capital Properties (Pty) Ltd, a prominent black empowerment company, has purchased a 45% ownership interest in RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

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2 Pam Golding Properties in Johannesburg

Pam Golding was a South African real estate developer. Pam Golding Properties, which she founded in 1976, is one of the largest real estate groups in South Africa, with over 300 offices in sub-Saharan Africa and overseas. Golding’s son, Andrew Golding, is currently the company’s CEO. The Pam Golding Property group forms part of a strategic alliance with one of the world’s largest property groups, Savills plc, gaining access to its prestigious network of over 600 offices worldwide. Through this partnership and other associations, including Homecoming Revolution and Southern Africa Luxury Association, our estate agents are uniquely equipped to provide prospective buyers and sellers with a comprehensive range of professional property services.


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